Providing PPAT® Support

Supporting your institution with valuable customer service

ETS is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to meet your institution needs through quality customer service and a range of resources to guide implementation and use of the PPAT®assessment.

We understand that implementing a new assessment or tool can seem daunting. We work with our partners to provide support for the program and individual student teachers.  

ETS’s support for institutions includes:

  • Customized webinars for your institution and access to advisory group members as needed
  • In-person meetings or training to discuss program implementation
  • Handbooks for the cooperating teacher and supervising instructor to bolster communication and collaboration aimed at creating the best experience for each student teacher
  • Sample letters to obtain school district support
  • An online portal to view your student teacher’s status in the assessment

ETS support for student teachers includes:

  • A dedicated call center and technical support for student teachers throughout the entire experience
  • Student teacher handbooks to help better understand each task in the PPAT assessment and the specific details; including writing guidelines, collecting evidence and  submitting video needed in order to submit task responses
  • Permission forms templates for parents and school personnel
  • A professional growth plan developed with supervising instructor and cooperating teacher that provides a tangible development plan for teachers to use during their first year of practice

Use the Getting Started with the PPAT Assessment (PDF) to help you implement the PPAT assessment at your institution.