Using the PPAT® Assessment

The PPAT® assessment features four tasks and offers performance indicators of your teacher candidate’s effectiveness in the classroom. By embedding teaching and clinical experiences with both summative and formative components, the PPAT assessment offers a comprehensive picture of your teacher candidate’s potential for classroom success, rather than the "single snapshot" offered by other assessments.

PPAT tasks include:

Using the PPAT assessment provides institutions:

  • An evidence-based assessment to meet accreditation requirements
  • Performance results to help identify areas for curriculum realignment and program improvement
  • Scoring resources to free up your institution’s resources
  • A view of growth and progress throughout the clinical experience
  • Access to ETS Data Manager, an online score reporting tool for easy access to data

Using the PPAT assessment provides your students:

  • Phased task submission and feedback so that they can improve practice throughout the process
  • An opportunity to refine their analytical and reflective skills which support lifelong learning and professional growth
  • Feedback from a pool of national professionals for areas to hone their teaching skills