ProEthica® Development

Developed to Meet Your Needs

Preparing your teacher or school leader candidates for ethical decision making goes beyond rules, regulations, personal dispositions and personal morality. It needs to be grounded in a foundational understanding of what it means to be a professional educator.

ETS developed ProEthica® Foundations to align with the national Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE) which sets a higher threshold than codes of conduct, helps guide discussions of ethical dilemmas and establishes a framework for ethical decision-making.

Designed specifically for educators and school leaders, ProEthica Foundations was developed using real-life scenarios grounded in guiding principles. The modules offer an in-depth, powerful approach to educator ethics training, focused on providing educators with the techniques and strategies needed to navigate challenges in and out of the classroom.

The ProEthica modules cover:

  • Introduction: Explores the relationship between the dispositional, ethical and regulatory frameworks as they apply to educator decision making and conduct.
  • The Professional Educator: Identifies the professional educator’s responsibilities to the profession.
  • The Professional Educator and the Student: Identifies the professional educators’ responsibility to establish and maintain appropriate verbal, physical, emotional and social boundaries with and regarding students.
  • The Professional Educator and the School: Addresses how professional educators promote effective and appropriate relationships and interactions with members of the school community while maintaining professional boundaries in and outside of the school building.
  • The Professional Educator and the Community: Identifies how professional educators must reflect the values of the profession as members of the community.
  • Ethical Decision Making for the Professional Educator: Provides a simulation-based activity in which the user will examine long-term consequences of short-term decisions. Completion of this module will require users to apply what they have learned in previous modules as well as this one.

For programs training educational leaders, ProEthica Foundations for School Leaders offers modules 1–6 through a school leader lens. By being exposed to the same content as teachers (but tailored to their leadership role), school leaders will be better equipped not only to employ ethical decision making in their own day-to-day challenges, but to support teachers as they navigate various professional challenges as well. ProEthica for School Leaders includes an additional leadership module with content to further identify the educational leader’s responsibility to establish and foster an ethical and professional culture within their school.