Providing ProEthica® Support

Meeting your institution’s needs

ETS strives to provide your institution with relevant, research-based solutions to suit your institution’s unique needs. Unlike other ethics products, ProEthica Foundation’s learning content and modular design provides flexibility and can be used as a starting point to build an ethics curriculum, as a supplement to existing curriculum or as a standalone course.

ProEthica Foundation’s online training is delivered on a Learning Management System and is fully functional on Mac®- and Windows®-based computers, on popular tablets and on all major browsers.

ProEthica Foundations provides your educators with:

  • Engaging video and written scenarios
  • A full learning progression of interactive modules
  • Rich feedback
  • Downloadable resources
  • End of module checks for understanding
  • An end of course certificate of completion

ProEthica Foundations provides your institution with:

  • Downloadable instructional resources
  • Current research on professional ethics
  • User details including progress, eligibility and score data
  • Technical Support