Using the ProEthica® Program

Preparing for the Complexities of the Profession

Educators routinely face complex consequential situations that require informed decision making guided by professional ethics. The ProEthica® program helps prepare them to better handle the ethical challenges they could face both in and out of the classroom or school.
Using ProEthica Foundations provides educators with:

  • Opportunities to engage in difficult but crucial conversations to protect the health, safety and well-being of their students, school and communities
  • Frameworks that allow teachers to balance caring for their students while maintaining professional distance
  • Practical guidance on how to implement and use educator codes of ethics

Hear from your colleagues

Protecting the Profession: Discussing the Complexities of Educator Ethics — Education professionals discuss the complexities of educator ethics and the need for a framework to help teachers with the tools they need to clarify their roles with students and avoid risk.

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